Also designated by purchase on plan, the sale in the future state of completion (VEFA) is to acquire a property before its construction. So, how is the acquisition? What are the advantages of the off-plan for a residential or rental investment?

What is VEFA?

Due to the legal loophole in Senegal, VEFA practitioners refer to the VEFA contract regulations in France, governed by the law of 3 January 1967. 
« The sale in the future state of completion commonly known as VEFA, is the contract by which the seller (developer) immediately transfers to the buyer his rights on the ground as well as the ownership of the existing constructions. The future works become the property of the purchaser as and when they are executed; the buyer is obliged to pay the price as the work progresses(Article 124 of the Construction Code). The seller retains the powers of client until the acceptance of the works. »

When you sign a VEFA contract withSablux real estate, you agree to pay the price of your property according to a split payment. This payment is subject to a principle of proportionality according to the progress of the work. A provisional schedule of payment is indicated to you in the contract of sale, to the signature, to indicate you the percentage of the purchase price to be paid during the appeals of funds. Calls for funds are a payment system consisting of a request, via e-mail or any other means of communication, addressed to the purchaser for payment of the payment provided for in the terms of payment.

The financial functioning of the VEFA

By buying your off-plan apartment, you will stagger your payment in time between the signing of the sales contract and the final delivery of the keys. 
You can subscribe to a real estate program depending on whether you make a personal contribution or use a bank credit. When you buy your property by personal contribution, you can pay the money in cash or by transfer to the account indicated in the bank simply. You can also deposit the checks directly to the resource persons in the company. All these payments are made as and when calls for funds.
When you use a credit to buy your property, the bank pays the money into the account indicated based on fundraising. You pay interest on the sums already unlocked.

The advantages of buying inn VEFA 

Buying off-plan means a lot of benefits for the buyer. The VEFA guarantees you a follow-up and a better control on your investment en ce sens qu'elle permet d’avoir :

- A brand new and customizable apartment

Buying an apartment in VEFA allows you to acquire a property that meets the standards. Buying in VEFA also means making the choice to buy an apartment that you can customize through the conditions of the option catalogs, subject to complying with the regulations in force and according to the specific conditions of the real estate programs submitted to you by the company.

- Secure payment

One of the special features of the VEFA is to offer a payment method based on the progress of the housing construction. & Nbsp; From the moment you sign your deed at the notary, the promoter / salesman transfers you its rights in the field and the ownership of existing buildings. The parts not yet built become your property as and when they are executed. Thus, according to a fundraising calendar, you pay a percentage of the acquisition price at each agreed level of evolution. Payment for each step is only made if the progress has been recorded. In this sense, you regularly receive photos of the progress of the work.

- An acquisition governed by the law

The purchase of an off-plan apartment is a process strictly regulated by law in that many mandatory guarantees secure the transaction for the purchaser. Upon signing the booking contract, you have a withdrawal period of7 days during which you can cancel the reservation and recover the deposit.. 

In addition, the VEFA has some flaws as any solution. On the one hand, the purchase price may seem higher. However, the VEFA is more economic because it saves energy, time and gain on an interesting property investment in the long run. On the other hand, variable delivery times can be noted. The apartments may end after the deadline but also before the deadline given by the developer. This is why a forecast date is specified in your booking contract. Nevertheless, the apartments are immediately habitable as soon as they are delivered: you can move in without any problem as soon as you hand over the keys!