The decoration makes it possible to embellish, to magnify an object, a room, a construction, a wall, etc ... It comes to emphasize the object according to the inspirations and tendencies of the decorator, who seeks the harmony in his chosen space.

Several styles of decoration, especially for interior decoration, exist to the delight of the decorators, who have a rich pool of trends to exploit and promote. Today we are focusing on the Japandi trend! yes Japandi .. What is this tendency?

In simple terms, the Japandi trend is a tasty mix of Scandinavian and Japanese styles, hence the origin of the word. It is an interior design style that successfully combines the simplicity and aesthetic authenticity of the Scandinavian style with the elegance of the Japanese style, through the wabi-sabi concept.

Do you know it "wabi-sabi"? The term means "perfect imperfection" in Japanese culture. This authentic trend of Japan emphasizes simplicity, authenticity and natural materials weathered by time.

What about the Scandinavian style? Generally, the Scandinavian style, that we know, is characterized by its simplicity. It is characterized by its functional side, its clean lines, its simplicity and its characteristic materials such as wood, glass and metal. He seduces with the association of white and black. So what does it take to bring a zest of japandi style to your apartment or your home?

We advise you to try the experiment! Play with shapes, materials, colors to create a space rich in harmony and beautiful. You have the opportunity to create a mix between the dark wood used furniture, which is in the spotlight, with useful and useful accessories, in pastel colors or clearer. In addition, the decor is modernized with furniture with structured lines, and we put on black metal for a chic and modern effect.

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