Concept born in the United States in the 70s in a context of real estate crisis, the home staging is a technique of sale, of real estate, 
inspired by Barbara Schwarz. Indeed, faced with the difficulties of her husband, real estate agent, to sell his property, Barbara, interior designer, had the ingenious idea to put his skills at the service of the agency of her husband, decorating and putting stage houses for sale. The success was immediate!

Home staging: an effective sales technique!

Home staging consists of valuing a property in order to sell it at the best price and in the best possible time. The technique of home staging is based on the attractiveness created and a staging of the good so as to make it correspond to the lifestyle of the greatest number in order to seduce, practically for sure, potential buyers who visit and in the best case, make them fall in love. 

The purpose of home staging is to highlight the existing home or apartment by optimizing for example the use of the surface of the property (unused square meters) or by particularly promoting a certain brightness in a room. the apartment or, by arranging the furniture in a more chic way. The harmony of the elements in the house or apartment being the goal of home staging, this technique revolves around decoration and popular trends. She favors space, good visibility and appreciation of furniture arrangements, harmony of colors and materials.

Home staging: an integrated style at Sablux!

This way of beautifying the apartments, Sablux has understood and implemented, through Sablux services, all its programs enhance the value of your apartment but still remain closer to its customers by offering a unique experience. Customers trust us to decorate and arrange their real estate. Thus, we give life to your apartments with quality services ranging from the diagnosis to the completion of the development work of the property.