Due to the strong changes in the real estate environment and the country's fairly strong population growth, land resources to build and develop real estate programs are dwindling. Today in Senegal, demand for an average of 15,000 dwellings per year is to be met, doubled by an existing deficit of more than 300,000 dwellings, according to studies by the Ministry of Housing, Urban Renewal and Urban Development. Living environment.

Conscious of the high demand and the limited resources in lands and zones of choice, the actors of the real estate sector, in particular the promoters of which Sablux Immobilier, have been committed since a few years to prioritize the vertical construction rather than the horizontal one. This should be understood as the choice of construction of buildings rather than that of villas or economic housing to optimize the use of land and provide any citizen wishing to acquire a roof.

In Senegal, the co-ownership is governed by the law n ° 88-04 of June 16, 1988 as well as by its decree of application N ° 2002-160 of February 15, 2002. The objective aimed through these texts is to frame and to promote this new type of housing in order to solve the problem of land scarcity and consequently, to facilitate access to housing for as many people as possible. You want to buy in a condominium, however have no idea how it works?
The co-ownership is "any building built or group of buildings built whose ownership is divided among several people, by lot each including a private part (ex: apartment) and a share of the common parts (stairs, parking, elevators ...) ". Discover through this article the essentials to know for a managed investment.

Private and common parts

When buying a condominium, you buy a lot often represented by an apartment and a parking space. In these places, you have the right to make the development that you wish in respect of the other inhabitants of the building. These spaces yours are private.
The parts of the buildings and land designated for the use and usefulness of all the co-owners or of several of them are common. These are the elevator, the hallway, the lobby, the multipurpose room, the pool, etc ... You do not have permission to act alone on it or use it exclusively. Their maintenance is managed by the trustee who takes care of the complete management of the building taking into account the road map established with all the co-owners at the general meeting. In the event of a change to one of the common areas, a vote is required at a general meeting and the cost of the work is shared by all according to the management mechanisms.


Trustee provides management

The trustee is responsible for the administration of the co-ownership and the execution of union decisions taken in general assembly according to the law. It requires all co-ownerships to work with a condominium trustee.
For all real estate programs delivered by Sablux Immobilier and third parties managed by Sablux Services, Sablux Services is the trustee of all these residences with specialized teams that perform the tasks that fall within their field of expertise: maintenance of common areas, management of the treasury, relationship with the administrations, organization of general meetings, year-end balance sheet, security and security of the building, etc. The property manager is therefore of great importance and is an essential forum to facilitate the management and relations between co-owners.


Voting: the decision-making weapon of the co-ownership

In a condominium, you are in a democracy. Any decision is taken after a vote. However, this democracy is a bit biased because not all co-owners have the same power. An owner with a larger area than you has a voice that matters more. Indeed, this state of affairs is justified by the higher charges that he pays proportionally to the surface of his apartment.
All matters relating to the co-ownership are voted at general meetings held at least once a year.
Now that you know how the partitioning of the private and common parts, the importance of the trustee and the votes, you know the main elements to be able to buy in a condominium. Sablux Immobilier develops all its real estate programs in height and thus makes the joint ownership, ensured by Sablux Services.