For a few years now, real estate has focused the attention of many investors. It remains an attractive sector but requires a certain ability to make the best investments.

In Senegal, especially where the places to build are increasingly difficult to find, investing in real estate is a dream that many people have, however few manage to achieve in the end.

Real estate investing is at your fingertips!
Real estate is a source of passive income: money works for you and not the opposite. So, you like it ?
There are many ways for you to invest in this highly profitable sector, without having a lot of equity.

From the outset, you can take the path of an investment in common with other people (friends, family, etc. ..) and subscribe to a multi-property program. You buy together an apartment in a neighborhood appreciated and you share the profits on the sale of the good or so on the rental yield if you want to rent, which remains a very interesting option for future earnings.

If you are not to partner with a loved one, you can rely on a bank loan to qualify for a long-term home loan, of course with interest.

Another solution is to acquire an apartment that you will rent monthly. A simple and effective method adopted by some who have made their specialty. These generate attractive income. (More advantageous solution)

It should be noted that you will need good knowledge, good support and good management of your assets by serious and experienced agencies. I advise you to get closer to professionals.

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