If you decide to become a homeowner, you will have two options: to buy a piece of land and have it built or to buy an already built home. A new apartment is the assurance of comfortable housing and guarantees that protect more.

In recent years, the real estate market has shown significant interest in view of the rapid growth of developers and professionals, but still more and more important real estate activities that account for 5.7% of Senegal's GDP in 2017 (World Bank, 2018).
Today, buying a home is an essential need to be filled for every citizen, especially in Dakar where the scarcity of well-positioned land is a reality. However, the conditions of realization and the choice of the support are real problems for the future owners, wishing to entrust their projects to professionals whose expertise and probity are proven.

Have your house built or buy an apartment avec Sablux is an integrated and easy process because Sablux carries within it all the entities able to accompany you in your acquisition process.

First, the acquisition of an apartment at Sablux is subject to a subscription (or registration) on a real estate program launched or being marketed by Sablux Immobilier according to the mode of the sale in the future state of completion (VEFA). Real estate programs are designed by designers and designers of Sablux Holding, specialists in the architectural trades. Equipped with dynamic sales and marketing teams, a very accessible customer service, Sablux Immobilier offers its customers and future owners luxury programs located in residential areas of choice with advantages and conveniences sought. 
Then, you sign on a contract attesting your adhesion to the real estate program and the choice of your apartment, you can bring your personal touch while taking into account the respect of the architectural plan and the general conditions according to the technical plan. Now that you are a reservist, you will have to wait a few months, according to the conditions defined in the contract, to get your finished apartment.

Our subsidiary Sablux Construction is responsible for the structural work and second-work of all real estate programs. From the field studies to the final completion of the building, our teams are hard at work to achieve your property and you deliver it as soon as possible. With its expertise and resources, Sablux Construction is an essential link in the chain to provide you with the best of Sablux in close coordination withSablux Matériaux.This subsidiary is dedicated to the purchase of materials and equipment, with regard to the second work, which will decorate your property and give it the desired status. Sablux Matériaux specializes in the purchase and sale of quality products, namely ranges of tiles, lighting fixtures, sanitary fittings and taps.

Finally, after delivery of your apartment, a ceremony is organized for the reception of keys by the owners. Did you buy to live there or to invest in the rental? If you have opted for this second option, Sablux will accompany you again to help you management of your apartment for rental profitability between9% et 12%of the acquisition amount, annually, according to our studies. Sablux Services is specialized in managing, renting and selling third-party real estate.

Sablux offers you a "all in one" and accompanies you in your project of acquisition of your housing. You thus benefit from an expertise on each profession of the real estate value chain and you guarantee a credible, unique and trusted interlocutor.