When you own a property and you want to rent it, there are two possibilities. Either the owner himself manages the rental of his home, that is to say that it is he who finds a tenant, who ensures the day-to-day management, carries out the possible repairs or makes the various inventory of fixtures; or he delegates the rental management to a third-party real estate agency that will take care of everything for him.

The real estate market in Senegal is booming and the Sablux group is leading the entire real estate value chain especially in property management. The buildings grow like small mushrooms and the need for housing is real, the owners of real estate will have to make a choice for the perpetuation and the maintenance of their goods, the control of their rental income.

Managing your own property or approaching a real estate agency is a key decision that any homeowner will have to make. As you can imagine, each choice has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's talk about it in our next lines !

The management of his property by onself


Direct management of rented real estate is the choice most often made by building owners. The main reason for this option is that it exempts them from paying compensation to an agency for rental management. It could also be mentioned that some owners are happy to manage their rental themselves. However, this personal management is accompanied by many essential tasks to assume. Among others, you will have to do the following tasks:


Find a tenant and establish a lease

Well before starting to advertise and arrange visits to the property, prior steps are required for the owner. First, you need to find out about the price of the market to increase your chances of setting competitive and attractive prices. Then, after the goods are put on the market, you will have to look at the profile of the tenants interested. It is up to you to choose who you rent your property, which remains one of the major difficulties. Caution is required because finding the right tenant is not easy. One of the most important criteria to observe is the financial solvency of the candidate to rent.

For the sake of security, you could take out insurance against the risk of unpaid rent or ask an organization or a person to act as surety for the act of renting. But still, the owners ask, generally, the deposit of a guarantee of guarantee of a few months (1 to 3 months approximately). Only after these steps will you be able to establish a lease that remains an important document. It crowns the agreement binding the two (2) parties in this transaction and bears the signatures of the owner and the tenant.

Clean management daily

Managing your own good, it is assured a time-consuming management throughout the rental period. It takes a lot of effort and will bring you a lot of benefits. Aside from that, personal management involves:
• common administrative tasks: these include the collection of rents, payment reminders, sending rent receipts. You will also have to manage the regulation of the expenses of co-ownership.
• one-off missions: they consist of housing maintenance. Added to the follow-up of possible work but also that of the relations with the tenant;
• exceptional tasks: they relate to the management of unpaid and / or late payments, but also of claims.


Rental management delegated to an agency

Rather than manage your own rental property, the alternative would be to delegate this management to a professional or a specialized agency such as Sablux Services. As a result, you free yourself from many weighing constraints. But, there is a counterpart in this case because you subscribe to a service. You must pay compensation to the managing agency. Agencies offer several types of contracts for this. They can assist you in the determination of rent, in the search for tenants, in the management of co-ownership, etc. In the end, you will benefit from their advice and expertise.


By delegating to an agency, you gain certain advantages, particularly in terms of:


Quietness and time saving

An undeniable asset, The tranquility is relative to several points:
• By delegating the rental management of your property, you save yourself a lot of trouble. Indeed, the agency will be the only intermediary between you and your tenant. The latter will have no contact with you and pay the rent to the agency in due time. This one will take care of you to return it monthly by the means that you will have decided together.
• No more repairs to housing! In case of problems, the agency will ask contractors to make an inventory. They will also make the estimates, as well as all the works necessary for the satisfaction of all the stakeholders. In short, you will have nothing to do.
• Complete management of the legal and financial aspects. It is up to the agency to establish the various leases, to make the inventory and all the necessary. In the event that the tenant proves to be defective, the manager will use all the legal means possible to enter the sums due. Everything is taken care of, the owners can go to other occupations.

Cost optimization

Taking pictures of the properties, making the announcement, distributing it and promoting the property, making the visits, establishing the contracts, etc., represent many costs for the owners that will have an impact on the overall profitability of the rental activity. The agency, with its expertise and experience and its product portfolio, can manage the costs associated with its activity more efficiently at the front office and back office levels.
By delegating rental management, you save yourself from administrative, marketing, and negotiation costs. The agency will take them all in charge.

Sablux Services offers you the possibility of managing your property with complete peace of mind. Our team offers a personalized service of accompaniment and advices thanks to our availability and our sense of listening. In this vein, Sablux Services accomplished for you:
Rigorous selection of tenants
 Full monitoring of all common management actions
 The relationship with the trustee
We also support you through:
 Assistance with the declaration of property revenues
 Daily support with customer service available, responsive and diligent
 Litigation action guaranteeing the recovery of debts.