A question that makes you think a lot for each other. In other words, what are the reasons that could convince you to invest in real estate in the country of Teranga?

From the outset, you should know that Senegal is an attractive country with its beautiful beaches, seaside resorts in Saly, Somone, etc ... its climate two (2) seasons, the warm human atmosphere of Senegalese and the multicultural environment that exist.
Due to its openness to the Atlantic Ocean and its political stability in a rather unstable West African region, Senegal has clear assets to attract the world to itself.

It bodes well for an era favorable to real estate investment!

I give you three (3) reasons to invest in real estate. Nevertheless, I specify that real estate has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as other sectors.

1. Control of the investment

Real estate is palpable, it's tangible! You own an apartment, building, a villa, an asset that lasts in time over which you have a very important decision power. Indeed, I think among others the purchase price that

you negotiate, the location of the property, the amenities to bring, the type of customers you target, the amenities to provide to your future customers and especially the price they will pay, the terms of agreement to name only them.
You find that your control over the investment is real and it is an undeniable advantage that real estate offers.


 2. An existing and growing demand

Like all physiological needs such as feeding, dressing, dressing, etc. housing is a primary need of every human being who will seek to have his roof whatever it is. As a result, the demand will always be there and in view of the demography, the lifestyles and the scales of society, the demand will be on the whole of the possibilities in terms of constructions that the real estate offers.
Always keep in mind that the location of your property will facilitate its demand and the type of clientele.
This remains a decisive aspect in your investment. Look for the right place!

3. Combined returns

Buy a property today and value it, it is generated regular cash flow cashed monthly for an owner. This is a real return that a real estate investment gives.
In addition, you will realize a second return due to the fact that your property will appreciate over time. The current value of a property increases over time if it is well maintained and retouched on a regular basis.

It is good to live in the Senegalese capital. You have reasons to invest now!

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