Responsablité Sociètale d’Entreprise (RSE)

Our approach to belonging to the Senegal CSR Network makes our structure an economic instrument at the service of our community and our environment.

Our desire is to integrate the issues of sustainable development taking into account the social and environmental impacts caused by our activity.

Our CSR is divided into committees, which are areas of creativity and sharing:

Quality Health Safety Environment

This committee is responsible for security watch. It counts in its portfolio of activities: the organization of workshops, activities, discussions to raise awareness, change compromising behaviors or likely to be a threat for everyone and / or for the whole group and at the level of different sites.

Partnerships and Public Relations

This committee represents the company with its various partners. His contribution is to identify and implement activities to bring these partnerships to life.

Sustainable development

This notion aims to take into account, in addition to the economy, the environmental and social aspects that are linked to long-term issues. Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising those of future generations.